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The old Gear Maker Locator needed some serious goodies. After putting the Buy/Sell page together, it made sense to give each gear shop a personal self-service ad space. Click the Display Profiles button to see what's what. Need to find a gear repair service in your area? Are you placing quotes? Looking for large gear capacity? Special capability? Domestic? International? Narrow your search by picking a Category, Specialty, or country. Or if you want to search on a Key Word that works too.


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If your business relates to gear manufacturing then create your free Locator listing. If you already have a Buy/Sell account, then login and create your company ad for all to see. Can we make it better? You know it. Just let us know how.

Each member account qualifies for a free company Profile and 5 Buy/Sell ads. A posting can include your company profile and facility list plus your logo graphic and a link to your website.

This page is not meant to replace a website presence, but it offers a useful alternative a link page! Visitors need an easy way to search and find your gear manufacturing services, so make it happen!

Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know what you think.