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Metric Summary for Gleason® no. 104 Spur Bevel Generator (Metric System)

This sample summary for Gleason® No. 104 Generator was produced by CPC-BV4 Program.
Metric Dimensions and machine settings are actual printouts from CPC-BV4. CPC-BV4 also produces summaries for No. 114 Machine.
Download the demo version from this website and try it out.

Coniflex Straight Bevel Gear Summary   12 x 97 T  DP  10.0000    Date: 09/11/10
 PA  20D  0M   Adjusted Profile using Tilted Root Line    Shaft Angle  90D  0M
                                                File Name: spu2423M.txt
   Module              2.540
   Face Width         25.400                    Machine Loc: A-123
   Working Depth       5.080                    Type:    No. 104
   Whole Depth         5.563
   Outer Cone Dist    124.129                   System:  AGMA 208.02

                     Pinion     Gear                      Pinion      Gear
   Teeth                12        97    P Apex To Crown   122.7      13.88
   Addendum          3.708     1.372    Pitch Angle        7D  3M    82D 57M
   Dedendum          1.854     4.191    Face Angle         8D 59M    83D 48M
   Pitch Diameter    30.480    246.38   Root Angle         6D 12M    81D  1M
   Circular Thick.   5.1501    2.8296   Tooth Angle        1D 30M     1D 21M
   Dedendum Angle   0D 51M    1D 56M  Chordal Addendum      3.924      1.373
   Outside Diameter 37.841    246.72  Chordal Thick.(Max)  5.1124     2.8163
                                                    (Min)  5.1114     2.8153

 CUTTER SPECS:     Pinion         Gear       Backlash (Min-Max) 0.025 - 0.076
   Cutter Spec.  G104E 31T-B   G104E 31T-C
   Blade PA        22D 12M       21D 30M     Pattern Length     12.07 mm
   Blade Pt Width   0.787 mm      0.787 mm   Profile Factor     0.0305 mm
   Metric Finished Slot Widths:
      Large End     1.406         1.734      Minimum PA (To avoid
      Small End     0.706         1.000                 undercut)  20D 21M

 METRIC MACHINE SETTINGS:     Pinion            Gear
   Cutter Cone Distance        106.34           106.34
   Space Angle                 0D 49M           0D 53M
   Cutter Offset: Upper       11.626           11.636
                  Lower       11.626           11.636
   Sliding Base              30.51 -DR        30.51 -DR
   Machine Root Angle          3D 51M          78D 40M
   Cradle Test Roll           20D  0M          20D  0M
   Work Test Roll            160D 15M          19D 54M
   Minimum Cradle Roll        10D 11M          22D 28M

   Index Gears            75/72 X 90/50      40/80 X 45/97

   Selection Gears          G10E-479A        G10E-479A
                              Nc/50            Nc/50
   Roll Decimal Ratio        1.923034         1.930105

   Ratio Roll Gears        71/46x76/61        79/55x86/64

 DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to generate a complete and correct
 machine setup. However, Community PC does not guarantee fitness of this setup
 for any purpose to which the setup may be applied. Further, Community PC does
 not assume liability, either in part or in whole, for any losses suffered by
 user or user's agent that may result from application of this setup or from
 any information contained herein.