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Sample Summary for Gleason® No. 116 Spiral Bevel Generator

This screen displays a sample summary for No. 116 Spiral bevel generator that was produced using our CPC-FS (Fixed System) software. This is how your summary will look when you print one out. Shown below are Tooth Dimensions, No. 116 gear and pinion finish settings, Cutter specification, and Proportional Bias Corrections.

 Spiral Bevel Data Set No. 42957933   Date: 05/13/08         Page 1 of 2
 Comb.  15 X  43  DP:   7.0010                    Spiral Angle:  35D  0M
 Face Width:  0.827                               Shaft Angle:  90
 Pressure Angle:   20D  0M    Machine No. 116     Cone Distance 3.252
                                        Hand of Spiral  Right    Left
  Addendum           0.072     0.171    Cutting Method  Spread   Two Cut
  Dedendum           0.198     0.099                    Blade
  Working Depth           0.243
  Whole Depth             0.270          GEAR CUTTER SPECS
  Pitch Angle       70D 46M   19D 14M   Cutter Number      12.0
  Face Angle        72D 31M   22D 43M   Cutter Diameter    6.000
  Root Angle        67D 17M   17D 29M   Point Width-Rough  0.052
  Ded Angle          3D 29M    1D 45M   Point Width-Finish 0.080
  Outside Dia        6.189     2.465    Outside Blade Angle   18D  0M
  P Apex to Crn      1.003     3.015    Inside Blade Angle    22D  0M

 Normal Chordal:
     Addendum        0.060     0.149
     Thickness       0.114     0.202

  Eccentric Angle       35D 57M                         O.B.    I.B.
  Sliding Base     With  0.0000     Cutter Number       12.00   12.00
  Blank Position        Std         Cutter Pt Dia Avg   6.162   5.996
  Blank Offset         0.000        Pt Width - Rough        0.048
  Cradle Angle           6D 30M     Pt Width - Finish       0.040
  Machine Root Angle    67D 17M     Blade Angles       18D  0M  -22D  0M
  Cradle Test Roll      30D  0M
  Work Test Roll        31D 43M     Eccentric Angle    35D 37M   37D 29M
  Nc/50 Ratio Gears                 Sliding Base   With 0.004 Adv 0.017
  Decimal Ratio        0.90915      Blank Pos      Adv 0.015  With 0.058
                                    Blank Offset   Up  0.062  Dn  0.115
                                    Cradle Angle      141D 57M  133D 44M
                                    Mach. Root Angle   17D 29M   17D 29M
                                    Cradle Test Roll   20D  0M   20D  0M
                                    Work Test Roll     59D 58M   62D 54M
                                    Nc/50 Ratio Gears
                                    Decimal Ratio      0.8994   0.9434

                                               Spiral Angle Change
                                               (0.010 more off toe)
         30 Minutes Bias Out                             O.B.     I.B.
                    O.B.       I.B.   Eccentric Angle -0D  8M  +0D  7M
Blank Pos      Adv 0.024 With 0.025
Sliding Base  With 0.007  Adv 0.007
Eccentric Angle -0D  7M    +0D  9M           0.050 Profile Out Change
Decimal Ratio   - 0.0112   + 0.0112                     O.B.      I.B.
Work Test Roll  -0D 30M    +0D 30M    Blank Offset   Up 0.050  Dn 0.050
                                      Eccentric Angle -0D 39M  +0D 37M
For Profile Out, INC Kp by 2 & rerun  Dec. Ratio      -0.0180
                                                       0.0180  +0.0160
                                      Work Test Roll  -0D 48M  +0D 43M
0.100 Diameter Change to Lengthen
 Eccentric Angle -0D 23M   +0D 20M
 Cutter Diameter - 0.100   + 0.100