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Sample Spread Blade Summary for Gleason® No. 16 Spiral Bevel Generator (No Cutter Tilt)

This screen displays a sample summary for No. 16 Spiral bevel generator that was produced using CPC-SB (Spread Blade) software. This is how your summary will look when you print it. Shown below are Tooth Dimensions, No. 16 gear and pinion finish settings, and Cutter specification.

Spiral Bevel Gear Summary No. 72989391                  Date: 05/14/12
 File Copy: Summary/sps16352.txt         Comb.   5 X  37    DP  3.00000
 PA 20      Spiral Angle  35    Cone Dist. 6.223     Face Width   2.074

 No. 16  Generator Machine: mach2               File Name: sps16352.txt
 Mean Spiral Angle:  35D  0M            No. 16   Method: Duplex Sp Blade

 Shaft Angle:  90

                    GEAR     PINION                       GEAR    PINION
 Addendum           0.177     0.432     Norm Chord Adden          0.492
 Working Depth           0.609          Norm Chord Thick          0.618
 Whole Depth             0.672          Backlash Allowed 0.015 / 0.025
 Pitch Angle       82D 18M    7D 42M    Dedendum          0.495   0.240
 Face Angle        86D  0M   14D  0M    Hand of Spiral    RIGHT   LEFT
 Root Angle        76D  0M    4D  0M    Cutting Method   DUPLEX  DUPLEX
 Dedendum Angle     6D 18M    3D 42M    Circular Thick            0.633
 Outside Diameter  12.381     2.523
 Cone Center                            Tooth bearing: 21.08 % (Approx)
         to Crown   0.658     6.109
 Cone Center
         to Back  _________ _________

           GEAR                                    PINION
   Cutter Specifications:                  Cutter Specifications:
 Cutter Diameter        12.500           Cutter Diameter        12.500
 Point Width            0.141            Point Width            0.141
 Cutter Number (Calc)  15.0000           Cutter Number (Calc)  15.0000
 Cutter Number (Used)   0.0000           Cutter Number (Used)   0.0000


 GEAR:                                  PINION:
 Radial              5.31765          Radial              5.31765
 Cradle Angle       74D 19M           Cradle Angle       285D 41M
 Sliding Base        0.10322 WITH     Sliding Base        0.10322 WITH
 Machine Root Angle  76D  0M          Machine Root Angle   4D  0M
 Vertical Offset:   5.11970 Above     Vert. Offset:       5.11970 Below
                            Center                                Center

 Tilt Angle          0D  0M           Tilt Angle           0D  0M
 Swivel Angle        0D  0M           Swivel Angle         0D  0M

 30-N Index         30/74x100/50       30-N Index         90/30x100/50

 Nc/75 Ratio 0.4978     Ratio gears 36/55x54/71

 Every effort has been made to generate a complete and correct machine
 setup. However, CommunityPC does not guarantee fitness of this setup
 for any purpose to which the setup may be applied. Further, CommunityPC
 does not assume liability, either in part or in whole, for any losses
 suffered by user or user's agent that may result from application of
 this setup or of any information contained herein.