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SPAM and SCAM Warnings ...

listed here are examples of reported email activity that solicit users of the forum or Buy/Sell page in a suspicious way. If you receive a suspicious communication and want to report it, please Just copy the suspicious text into the email to Meshing With Gears. If we receive the same suspicious message from more than one individual, and if it is patently bogus then we will post it here.

It is not our intent to discourage visitors from responding to your ads in the Buy/Sell page or from posting on the forum.

With fairness in mind, we do not claim that any "suspicious" communication is fradulent and we welcome response to notices posted here that can show we have been wrong in our judgement. We want to be as fair as possible.

As the reporter your identity will not be disclosed under any circumstances.
This is an effort to notify and warn the community of any activity determined to be suspicious or possibly fraudulent, or otherwise inappropriate. Again, if the same suspicious email is reported by more than one individual it will surely appear on this page.

DISCLAMER: Neither Community PC, Meshing With Gears, nor its agents accept any liability or responsibility for the applicability, use or misuse of any of the information, suggestions or procedures that appear in this listing.

These are reported responses to legitimate advertisements and forum postings which have been judged to be obvious attempts to gain improper access to personal bank account information, or to simply get money by fraud.

No. 1 - Morris Lisa shipping scam

No. 1 - Morris Lisa shipping scam

This message was sent to a number of posted sellers in the Buy/Sell page. It looks similar to spam emails broadcast by Nigerian scammers that start out with something like this: "...someone died leaving millions in some foreign bank, and they need your help getting it out of the country..."
This is verbatim as it was sent to me...

Hello [Sellers Name],
Thanks for the Urgent Respond about the Transaction,am so much interested in the purchace of your [Seller's item for sale], I understand you better about the purchace.I have quickly contacted my Church member about the payment of it,But he explain to me that the cashier check for the payment and shipment will be send to you together.I want you to read and understand my point in this letter, My church member is responsible for the payment of it and the shipping cost.
However,I have already explain to you in the first letter i send to you about my church member that will send the check to you,He have arrage for the Reputable Shipping Company that will handle the shipment perfect.He will send you a cashier cheque from US bank for the payment and shipment, But you are to deduct $850 for the payment of it.The mean reason am pa ying $850 from it, Is for you to remove the Ad from market and make it clean.After the cashier cheque have gotten to you for the payment and the shipment, You are to cash it and make the Transfer of the remaining funds to the Reputable Shipping Company that will handle the shipment. The remaining funds will be Transfer to them Via Western Union Money Transfer to them so that they can come for the shipment.
Again, Do understand that the cashier check will surely clean your bank for the payment,Okay. Due to the Reputable Shipping Company, They shall contact you to arrange the picking up in your location.Hope you get my point in the letter? I want you to read and understand If you are satisfy with the content of my Letter, i will await to read from you soon Thanks,i need your Urgent Respond about the Transaction
; Warmest regards

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