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Updating Your CPC Program - Simple Instructions

Please print this page and follow instructions carefully when updating your CPC program.

Fair Warning! When updating, make a backup copy of your CPC software. This is not a requirement to accomplish an update, but having a backup copy secures your custom data (machine list, setups, etc.) should something go wrong.

The following steps will use CPC-HYP program installation for the screen views. Each CPC program will install using the same steps. Please follow the steps below to update your CPC program:

IMPORTANT! You must disable your Antivirus software before downloading this software. The installable programs mentioned here are executables, and all antivirus programs will reject .EXE files. If you have administrator privileges on your PC, then you will be able to disable your antivirus software.

Step 1. You must be able to download an executable file from the internet, i.e. a file with an .EXE extension. If you are unable to complete the next steps, then check with your system administrator to find out if your system prevents you from downloading and/or installing executable files.

Step 2. Notice that our example file is CPCHYP_140302.EXE. Your download will have a name which has this format:
CPC +<type>+<date>+.EXE
Select your downloaded file and double-click it. When selecting the correct update from this page, be sure to find the program <type> that matches your CPC program - updates for different CPC programs are not interchangeable.

Step 3. Installation begins with the "splash" screen:

which is followed by the introduction. Here you see that Update and Demo are installed from the same downloaded file. Installation will not write over your custom files and activation when you pick your folder to update:

Click "Next" to go to the license screen:

Click on "I Agree" to advance to the next screen:

Step 4. Here you are asked for the installation you need. This selection is based on the Windows Operating System (OS) of the PC to which you are installing.

If you aren't sure of your PC's Operating System, find "Help" and "About Windows" in XP,
click "Start", "Computer", and "System Properties" on Vista and Windows 7.

The installer permits one of three OS selections, described as follows. Hover the mouse over each selection to see a description of each choice.

This selection is for a 32-bit OS such as Windows XP and some versions of Vista
(If you are installing in XP Mode that is running in Windows 7, then select 32-bit.):

If your PC is Windows 7 or later, then it is 64-bit:

After making a selection, click "Next" to advance to the folder selection:

Step 5. Here you will be asked for the destination folder name to install the update. If you are not sure what the existing folder name is, click the "Browse..." button. Select the folder containing your CPC program.

If you don't want to UPDATE your existing program folder, then Browse and enter a new folder name. In this case your existing program will not be updated. Instead, the program will install as a separate (demo) copy. In other words, you will not see your custom data (if any) and the program will not be activated.

Click "Next" and the installation will begin.

Step 6. When complete, click "Next" button to see the final installation screen.

You may click the "Show ReadMe" box to view last minute notes. These notes will explain some of the questions you might have about your PC, OS, and choices you have.
A desktop icon is automatically created on your desktop for this program.

Click "Finish" to exit the installation.

Congratulations! Find your program's shortcut and run it when you want.

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