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We often hear from gear manufacturers and job shops who want assistance with machine setups and summaries. Some are new to a particular gear machine. Many gear shops don't feel comfortable buying software just to get a few setups and want to explore other options. So we would like to find out if shops could benefit from something we call Single Set Service. Please spend a minute or two to participate in this survey.

If you don't want to answer all questions, that's fine. Every situation is different.

Also, there may be an issue not covered here that is important to you. So, please offer your suggestions - your comments are very important.

Please check all types of gear cutting you do:
Thread Milling/Grinding
Spur Bevel
Spiral Bevel
Hypoid Spiral Bevel

Please check how you prepare setups for your gear equipment:
Pencil, Charts, and Calculator
Rely on Experienced Employee
Rely on Outside Consultant or Vendor
Use In-house Software

Please check your areas of responsibility:
Job Shop
Break Down Service
Just In Time Manufacturing

How often do you create new setups/summaries?
Once or twice a month

If you could receive a machine setup/summary customized for your machine based on your change gears, your tooling, etc., would that be of interest to you?

Would you be willing to fill out a one-time form detailing your machine tooling, change gear list, etc.?

Would you be comfortable filling out a form to send us your gear specs?

Would you be comfortable using email to ask questions and receive printable machine setups or summaries?

Would a 24-hour response time (or less) be acceptable?
This is an estimate of the maximum time you might normally expect to wait for a first setup or summary.

What other features would appeal to you if Single Set Service were available?

What might you reasonably expect to pay for each guaranteed setup?
Hobber or Thread Mill Setup USD Each
Spur Bevel Setup USD Each
Spiral (or hypoid) Bevel Setup USD Each

PayPal is the preferred choice for payment.

I expect a number of questions regarding guarantee and pricing. In general, each setup would be backed up with email tech support. Also no one should be expected to pay for a non-performing setup! Ahhh, the "devil is in the details"...

Please enter your comments and suggestions here:

  Please enter a name and email address. This is to prevent duplicating and spamming the survey.

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Hopefully this survey will determine if Single Set Service would be a useful resource to the gearing community. Choices shown here are only suggestions, and your opinion is all-important. Ultimately this gathering of suggestions will lead to a plan that benefits the largest group.

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