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CPC-26 - For Spiral Bevel Gear Generators

This software produces summaries for Gleason® No. 26 spiral bevel gear generator. The basis for the No. 26 may be found in a number of processes: roughing, finishing, grinding, production, and in "jobber" (Small Job Fixed Blade) mode. High production requires the fixed-blade setup method which requires special cutters/bodies specific to the job.
This software does NOT calculate summaries for hypoid (non-intersecting shaft) gear sets.
Select the target machine, enter your gear specs, and CPC-26 creates a complete summary of machine settings.
Use it during your quote phase to avoid surprises and unforseen problems. Identify jobs requiring special tooling (as you know, customers have been known to send out "difficult" jobs).

Some of CPC-26's unique features at a glance:
Produces setup and design summary for the jobber (SJFB) method only
An SJFB setup requires each member to be machine mounted and cut twice, once for inboard tooth surface and once for outboard tooth surface. This is quite acceptable for small lots and is Gleason's recommendation to control contact pattern and profile bearing. Because of its ability to use your tooling cutters to cover a range of pitches and ratios, Gleason's No. 26 machine is ideally suited for small job lots and the SJFB method. Adding to your job-shop productivity, CPC-26 allows you to select tooling on a "what-if" basis, easily giving you summaries for quotes and production.
Suggests best balanced tooth proportions
    You can change recommended tooth thickness, depth, etc. to suit your design or to match samples.
Handles angular gear sets
    You specify the shaft angle. CPC-26 warns when machine limit is reached.
You make tooling choices from suggested optimized selections
    Displays all possible choices based on your tooling inventory.
    Your tooling inventory is entered once for all subsequent summaries.
Print out complete machine setup for roughing and finishing
    Includes gear design, all machine settings, and change gears.
Any setup can be saved to and retrieved from database
    This enables you to preserve your summaries, and to review similar summaries without leaving the PC.
Accurate first-time setups are produced quickly
    Helps make small lot sizes productive and profitable.
Profile and bearing are user inputs
    Adjustments to profile and/or bearing can make new tooling options possible
    in some cases. Cause and effects are described in the F1 on-line help for profile
    and bearing inputs to permit the user a degree of flexibility to perform some "what-if" scenarios.
Warns you whenever a potential problem could occur
    Permits you to continue if not critical, or insists that you alter your inputs when necessary.
    CPC-26 provides as much information as possible whenever a decision is to be made.
Field trials have demonstrated first-piece accuracy of these summaries
    First sets come off finished. Contact patterns are as predicted by summary.
    bias settings and recutting are unnecessary when machine is in good
    condition, and summary has not been "pushed" past warnings of limits in order to
    accomodate a lack of recommended cutters.
Bias settings are provided, just in case
    You control the work test roll bias amount.
Comes complete with on-line context sensitive help screens
    As you move from input to input, the F1 key "keeps up" with you.
    F1 always displays help and suggestions for the current input.
Click here to view sample summary

CPC-26 Price:
980.00 USD

Download and Upgrade to the latest version: No Charge to registered users.


How do I obtain a license and activate the software?
Install CPC-26 demo on your PC and check it out. When you are satisfied and ready to purchase a license, call Scott Atkinson at Ash Gear & Supply (248) 374-6155. Scott will ask you for the COMPUTER ID NUMBER and will give you an ACTIVATION KEY.

The updated ID and Activation key pairs are all numerical.

Where do I find the COMPUTER ID NUMBER?
Be sure you have installed the demo on the computer where you intend to run the software. The ID Number is different for each PC. Start up the demo and select "READ & ACTIVATE". Then select "I AGREE". The next screen displays the ID number for the software on your computer.

An activation key is a string of characters that, when typed into the activation screen, turns the demo into a fully functional software solution. Also, all future software updates will respect the activation key on the same PC.

You may install and run CPC software on a Local Area Network system, but the license and ID Number (and its Activation Key) will correspond only to the workstation from which you run the software.

Test the demo, ask questions, and/or request a free setup for your machine and your gear specs before you purchase a user license. We want you to be satisfied and convinced that CPC-26 meets your requirements and makes you more productive.
Once you have received an ACTIVATION KEY, the sale is final.

Tech Support Resources for Registered Users
Ash Gear and CommunityPC want you to be successful. To that end, we offer you comprehensive on-line context sensitive help
and the
Meshing With Gears website. There you will find a FAQ page detailing many common gear cutting issues.

An active "All Things Gearing" Forum is hosted there for any general question you might have about gearing and gear machines.

If you have a problem that you can't resolve, don't hesitate - start the dialog. Email Tech Support with a description
of the problem you're having. Detail is good.

When you need additional Activation keys or help with CPC-26, Email your request for a new activation key.
Be sure to include the Computer ID in your email message. Pay close attention to the letters and numbers.
Watch out for these especially - O0, I1, Z2, and UV - They can be easily confused!

Email works best in these situations because it gives tech support a written reference for study,
and gives you a record of the conversation and solution.
If you must speak to a "live" voice, then please contact Scott Atkinson at Ash Gear and Supply (248) 374-6155 .


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