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Be a Participant...

...or recognize someone else who is. Have you posted questions to Meshing with Gears Discussion Forum? Have you posted to other internet forums focused on gear topics? Do you know someone who regularly contributes gearing information to others?
We feel that people in gearing who participate in the free exchange of information and ideas deserve to be recognized by the gearing community. That's the purpose of the Participant's Page.

If you or the person you are sponsoring would like to be recognized in the Participant's page, simply submit this form for approval. Approval will depend on the Participant's contribution(s) to this website's Discussion Forum or to other gear topic question/answer forums.

Please supply as much (or as little) information as you are comfortable displaying.

Participant's name:
E-Mail address:
Your name (if referring someone else):
Your E-Mail address (if different):

Company Name and Mailing Address (optional if currently employed):

    Phone      FAX  

In what gear forum, and under what name/alias will we find your postings (questions and/or answers)?
Please enter "Meshing With Gears" or the URL to gear forum, and the name used in your postings.

Select the category that best describes your background:
Gear Manufacturer
Gear Tooling
Gear Cutting Equipment
Gear Finishing Equipment
Gear Heat Treating
Stock Gearing

Select your principle experience or knowledge area:
Gear Shop Operations
Gear Design or Prototype
Consultant to Gear Shops
Production - Inventory or JIT
Gear Machine Service or Repair

Brief history / Resume

Thank you for your active participation in gearing forums. Please allow at least 10 working days for request approval and processing. Information that you provide may necessarily be condensed and formatted for inclusion in the Participants page. No information that you provide here will be passed to any company or mailing list.

You might also want to showcase your company at the "Locate Gear Services" page, a free do-it-yourself listing service.

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