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serves to acknowledge those individuals and their companies that have contributed so generously of their time and energy to the growth and development of Meshing with Gears. Thanks is not a big enough word to express our appreciation.

Ash Gear and Supply Corp.
42650 Nine Mile Road
Novi, MI 48375
Scott Atkinson
(248) 374-6155
(248) 374-6255
Scott is "the Man" at Ash Gear when it comes to gear information and gear tooling. Scott developed Ash Gear's well-known GCP software for gear designers and manufacturers. Scott is always ready to help with questions on gearing and advice on tooling choices.
BVR Aero Precision Corp.
3358 Publishers Dr
Rockford IL 61109-6318
Jason Dembosky
(815) 874-2471
(815) 874-4415
Jason is an engineer with BVR Aero, and assisted with the expansion of CPC-2A Bevel software to include Formate summaries. Thanks go to Jason and the BVR Aero gear dept. for their Gleason 2A machine testing and invaluable feedback.
Lehman Associates
Manilla, Phillipines
August Lehman, Managing Director Mr. Lehman has written some great articles we were privileged to post here. These are about cutting gears and understanding your gear hobber. He deals with chatter, aligning herringbone LH and RH sections, determining a hobbers machine constants, measuring gear lead, and more! He shares his experience in these articles as he applies practical gear shop solutions. His articles, complete with great pictures, are easy to follow. Start Here to see what I mean
Bessemer City Machine Shop, Inc
P.O. Box 305
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Steve Boyen Phn
(704) 629-4111
Steve specializes in thread milling and has a number of different types of thread milling machines. Steve provided detailed practical information about setting up different machine types. Thanks go to Steve for his contributions to CPC-THREAD setup software.
GEM Textiles Co. Inc.
P.O. Box 12567
Gastonia, NC 28053
Rob Franklin
(704) 629-3181
Rob provided up-close access to his gear shop and especially his gear hobbing equipment. Thanks to Rob for his contributions that aided the growth and development of CPC-HOB software.
Industrial Sprockets and Gears, Inc.
13650 East Rosecrans Ave.
Santa Fe Spring, CA 90670
Mark Patridge
(310) 921-7840
(310) 921-4699
Mark assisted greatly in the development of CPC-26 and CPC-24 bevel machine summary software. Mark provided his personal expertise and field tested these two programs on his gear shop's Gleason machines. Mark deserves our thanks and gratitude for his many contributions.
J.J. DIGH Machine Co. Inc.
P.O. Box 538
Dallas, NC 28034
Jack Digh
(704) 922-3519
(704) 922-5959
Back in the 70's, Jack Digh personally (and patiently) demonstrated the pickup constant method used to calculate a setup for a non-differential gear hob. With these instructions, I was able to program my first version of CPC-HOB on a TI hand-held programmable calculator. Over the years, Jack has generously helped many people and shops with gear manufacturing problems. Thanks Jack.
Lift-Tech International
P.O. Box 769
Muskegon, MI 49443
Mel Eacker
(616) 733-3428
(616) 739-7249
Mel has provided information about specific types of gear hobbing equipment and earns our thanks for his contributions.
Caldwell Machine & Gear, Inc. Sargent Caldwell
  Sargent is a gifted job shop owner with real hands-on experience. He has been very generous with his contributions to the discussion forum and especially to me. He does all types of cylindrical gearing, worm gearing and spur bevels.
Sargent gave me a word of wisdom I had not heard before:
"good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement".
Rick Faust
  Rick is an experienced journeyman machinist with a very strong gearing background in Barber-Coleman hobbers and Fellows shapers. Rick is a contributor to the discussion forum and we hope he will continue to look in on us from time to time. Rick currently programs and operates CNC turning.

  There are many others who participate regularly in the Discussion Forum but I don't have information that would recognize and document their achievements.

 Do you help others through gear forums? Would you like to tell us about someone who has helped you and deserves recognition? Then, take the time to submit a Participant listing request. We especially want to recognize people who regularly help others on the Discussion Forum.

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