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Components to Your Chip Processing System

Metal chip processing involves the production of lots of scrap metal. As someone in the industry, you need to be aware of the efficiencies that can be realized when you take turnings and chips from machine tools into a scrap metal compactor or briquetter. Having the right equipment in place can make it that much easier on you and your operation. Lets face it; you deal with enough quality control issues. You need your chip processing system to run as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few tools that can be used to make your chip processing system work with various types of metal chips:

Ring Type Metal Chip Crusher
Nested turnings that include solids need to be removed from your chip processing system. So how do you do this in a cost efficient manner? You use a ring crusher. How does it work? Basically, it presses the scrap material against a grate, which creates smaller materials that can then fit through.

Simple Shredder
A shredder cuts material into flowable chips so that an auger can meter them. What size chips? Anything between 4” and 10”. Anything more or less becomes less cost effective for your chip processing system.

Vertical Axis Metal Chip Crusher
How do you crush turnings into flowable form? By using a vertical axis metal chip crusher. What are the benefits? It can reject solids when they come along and be self-metering, which is a nice feature.

Chip Wringer
Chip wringers spin cutting fluids from machined chips and turnings. As a result, the fluid can be reused and the chips then have a higher scrap value. So what are the benefits of a chip wringer? First, it can reduce cutting oil costs versus gravity draining. Next, it can remove all recoverable oil from chips, turnings and parts. The largest types of chip wringers process up to 500 gallons of chips per hour.

If you want to increase profitability and overall efficiencies, it’s in the best interest of your operation to have fully integrated equipment for all of your metal chip processing needs. The above types of equipment offer solutions that you may or may not have in place. Keep in mind; this is just a sample of the many different types of equipment that could potentially help. The best advice? Make sure you go with a reputable supplier, so you can get the most out of your investment. Chip Systems International designs and manufactures the world’s most reliable equipment for chip and cutting fluid management solutions including conveyors, shredders, coolant filters, centrifuges, mist collectors, briquetters, chip washing and chip drying equipment.


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